Best Practices for Land Use and Economic Development


Is your community following best practices in land use and economic development?  Do you know how your neighboring communities work with developers and economic development projects?  Across our 169 communities, there are many different approaches to land use and economic development.  CEDAS would like to draw the best of these practices and share them with all of our communities. 

This Spring, CEDAS will be launching a program to recognize communities that follow best practices and to encourage other communities to achieve these standards.  The program is in the final phase of development, topics covered will include:

  • Does the community have a mission statement on the business climate for the community – reflecting the community’s vision -- may include terms and phrases such as:  teamwork amongst town personnel and agencies, trust, customer oriented, holistic, responsible, “simple, swift and certain,” consistent, efficient, and modern?
  • Does the community use a website or web pages for Planning and Economic Development?
  • Does the community provide ongoing communications and speedy responses/approvals to pending applicants?

Several other criteria will also be used.  The program is designed to not only recognize communities that have adopted best practices but to share and provide support for communities that are striving to improve.  If you and your community would be interested in participating in this program, please contact CEDAS.

Garrett Sheehan,  CEcD

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