Letter from Dale Kroop


Dear CEDAS Members,

Yesterday, I participated in a meeting set up by CCM. It was a diverse group of participants with from approximately 15 associations, with multi-faceted perspectives. The list included members of the CT APA, Public Housing, Town Clerks Association, Education, Youth Services, and Inland Wetland.

CCM emphasized that we need to support each other possible and respect the disagreements that are naturally likely to occur.

Some of the relevant focus points for the group that apply to Economic Development were as follows:

  1. Continue the Conveyance Tax increase as permanent source of revenue for municipalities.
  2. Share the increases or redistribution  of CT Sales Tax
  3. Increase the thresholds for Prevailing Wages
  4. Incentivize Regionalization with an emphasis on COGS

When I had the opportunity, I discussed our letter and the non-legislative tasks and also made specific reference to the following potential legislative focus areas:

  1. Reduction of regulations that inhibit economic growth or "do no harm"
  2. Prompt approval of Economic Development Districts
  3. Elimination of State Agency Fees
  4. Streamlining the permitting process
  5. Our opposition to the Stream Flow Regulations

I took the opportunity to express CEDAS’ interest in assuring the Agency Commissioners have professional experience in the functionality of their agency, i.e. someone who has actually been an Economic Development professional at the local and/or regional level.

CCM pointed out their resource guides and materials such as:

  1. CCM Legislative Program: Do the Math http://www.dothemathct.org/
  2. Legislative Action Page http://www.ccmlac.org/site/

There will be more information to follow. Stay tuned.

Very truly yours,

Dale Kroop
President, CEDAS

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