NEDA 2016 Conference: Call for RFP's Available.


NEDA is looking for inspiring and engaging presenters for the 2016 NEDA Conference in New Haven taking place from September 11 – 13, 2016!

The New Haven-based Regional Economic Xcellerator (REX) and CEDAS are partnering to host the conference, focused on this region, and regions like it plan, fund and manage transportation systems from trails, to roads, to rail, to airports and how these systems effect economic development at a City at the heart of all the action.

Sessions may generally will fall into three areas, please submit a proposal today:

  • Core Economic Development Practices
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Emerging Ideas, Trends and Practices

More information, themes and a submission portal is available on the NEDA website.

NEDA/CEDAS also need volunteers to service on planning committees, as listed below. Please join us!

  • Logistics
  • Programs
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Technology

To get involved or to suggest a session outside the RFP process, please contact Patrick McMahon at 860-668-3849 or by e-mail.

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