Development Stories Sought for Submission to Site Selector Magazine


CEDAS Member Tomas Madden, Director of Economic Development, Stamford writes:

“With all of the negative press about the business environment in Connecticut, I need your help with a project. I am seeking your assistance in getting the word out that Connecticut is great place to do business and that businesses are choosing to come here.

Every year Site Selector magazine awards the Governor’s Cup for development projects. I see this as an excellent opportunity to raise our State’s profile. Especially since last year Ohio was ranked 10th with 88 projects.

I am trying to coordinate a last minute State-wide effort to submit development projects for the award. Please read the information below and look to see if any projects would qualify in your community. 

Please forward this information to anyone in your community that can help complete this survey.

If you have projects to submit, please contact me and I will help coordinate the submission. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 203-977-5168.

Thanks for your help with this."



To: Economic Development Agencies

From: Site Selection Magazine Editor Mark Arend

Re: Yearend Reporting of New or Expanded Facilities

Site Selection magazine is the most authoritative publication in the corporate real estate and economic development industries. That’s because so much of our editorial content is based on quantifiable data, specifically, the data resident in our proprietary New Plant database.

For six decades Site Selection has been tracking business expansion activity and reporting on new and expanding private-sector projects around the world. In just a few short weeks, we will begin tallying New Plant data records, which will be used in determining rankings and awards throughout the year. Please make sure your area's investment activity is included in pertinent editorial coverage in 2016 by submitting your area's expansion data.

The deadline for submitting files is December 11th. Qualifying projects announced after that date will be credited to your area's 2016 numbers.

The process for submitting projects is simple, and we stand ready to work with you to minimize the effort needed on your end. Click here to view the revised guidelines which explain the types of projects we track and those we do not track. Click here to view and download a template with the needed fields.

Please note: To avoid confusion regarding office projects or space, we will accept projects involving the purchase of an entire building where a minimum $1 million was invested for renovation or 20 or more new jobs were created. Please remember, new construction or renovation must be associated with all projects you submit.

Project data you submit will figure prominently in rankings we will compile and publish in 2016. These include (1) The Governor’s Cups in the March issue, which includes recognition of the state with the most qualified projects in 2015 on a per capital basis as well as on a total projects basis; (2) the Competitiveness Awards (May issue) of economic development groups based on a 10-point index; (3) the Global Best to Invest Rankings (May issue); and (4) the Top State Business Climate ranking (November issue).

The time you invest in reporting projects to us is time well spent, and we appreciate your efforts. We look forward to learning more about your area and the companies locating or expanding there.

Mark Arend
Site Selection Magazine

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