HB 6851 Transit Corridor Development Authority


March 20, 2015


TO:           Interested People

FROM:   Gian-Carl Casa, Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs, State of Connecticut, Office of Policy Management

RE:           HB 6851 – Transit Corridor Development Authority

OPM has submitted, to the leadership of the Planning and Development Committee, language changes that are intended to clarify the intent in HB 6851, AA Establishing the Connecticut Transit Corridor Development Authority.

The major changes are:

  1. The “host” town and TCDA will have to enter into a memorandum of agreement to delineate the parameters of the development district -- so if a town doesn't want TCDA development projects within its boundaries, it needn't sign an agreement.
  2. The host town’s chief elected official remains an ex officio member of the TCDA board for matters pertaining to the development in his or her community – but would get a vote.
  3. The executive director of the host Regional Planning Organization (RPO) would be a non-voting ex officio member
  4. TCDA’s Condemnation authority has been removed from the bill.
  5. Language is added that clarifies that municipal zoning, subdivision or wetland regulations apply for developments on private or municipal land, just as under current law.
  6. TCDA will be required to consider written statements submitted by the host RPO.
  7. Deletes language requiring municipalities to cooperate with TCDA.  That will be handled in any MOA.


These changes clarify what has always been the intent of the TCDA proposal – to work in concert with the host community.

Please contact me, Garrett Eucalitto, Undersecretary for Transportation Policy or Alexandra Dowe, Policy and Communications Associate, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the bill more.

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