Doing Business in Connecticut - Affinity Program for CEDAS


Doing Business in Connecticut is a perfect spot for Connecticutís towns and cities to promote their benefits using information and market messaging.† The Economic Development offices throughout the state have a perfect opportunity to highlight their unique attractions to specific companies and organizations.† Doing Business in Connecticut, endorsed by Governor Malloy and Commission of Economic Development Catherine Smith, will be distributed annually statewide, nationally and internationally to targeted audiences.† A minimum of 30,000 copies will be produced and distributed over a year long period.† In addition,† a robust microsite with updated information will be a great link on line to the digital edition and updated information throughout the year.†

How CEDAS†can help:

  • Encourage individual towns and cities to be part of the publication through the use of email and in person recommendations
  • Reach the specific individuals who would make the investment and link them to the DBIC team
  • Offer information and statistics about their town to enhance their marketing story

As part of the sponsored content of this important publication, we encourage each individual town to tell their unique story in their own words, using facts, figures, and photos.

Each individual town will receive:

  • A 10% discount on a Full page
  • A 15% discount on a Two page profile price
  • Design assistance from HBJ
  • A pdf of the profile to print for use in other† presentations and information packets
  • 300 copies of the publication to use at events and marketing
  • A link to their town and the individual profile on the Digital Edition for one year

As a special thank you, DBIC will provide CEDAS a one page profile for their commitment to market this to their members in the next five weeks.† AND, if four or more towns sign on to be part of the book, each organization will receive a second ad page in Doing Business in CT or HBJ to use as they see fit.†

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