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There are so many factors that affect development trends and financial investment within our cities and towns. Dedicated exclusively to advancing Economic Development within the state of Connecticut, CEDAS is here to help. Through a five-part webinar series, we will share insight from leading experts on some of the most relevant issues influencing decisions being made on both sides of the economic development transaction. Anyone who plays a role in the advancement and modernization of Connecticut’s communities should tune in to this dynamic program.

Thank you to our series presenter and CEDAS member Goman + York for leading the conversation.

December 9th: CT’s Shifting Demographics

  • The latest Census data shows that CT’s demographics are changing.  Discussion topics will include:
    • A look at what has changed
    • The impact of those changes
    • Planning for continuing change in your community

January 13th: Incentives: An Essential Tool?

  • An increasing number of projects in CT are receiving some form of public incentive.  Discussion topics will include:
    • Are tax or other incentives now a requirement to attract development activity
    • The types of incentives, and their advantages and disadvantages

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February 10th: Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

  • A discussion of the shift toward allowing employees to work-from-home.  Discussion topics will include:
    • Impact on office properties
    • Impact on CBD’s
    • Opportunities

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March 10th: Covid-19: A Look at the Pandemic’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate.
Discussion topics will include:

  • A high level overview of the impact on each sector:
    • retail
    • office
    • hotel
    • multi-family
    • medical
    • industrial
    • logistics
  • A brief discussion of capital markets and CRE.  How are lenders and investors responding?  What’s getting financed, and what’s not?
  • A few recommendations and considerations for towns to be thinking about

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April 14th: Brick and Mortar Retail

  • A discussion of the outlook for Brick & Mortar retail space in an online world.  Discussion topics will include: 
    • Can obsolete or excess retail properties be converted to other uses?
    • Strategies for working with retail property owners
    • Impact on the property tax base

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