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Encouraging Investment in Opportunity Zones

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM


Best Practices for Encouraging Investment in Opportunity Zones to Advance Community Priorities.

About this Event
Join us to hear innovative strategies and best practices for aligning investments with community priorities and encouraging investment in your community's Opportunity Zones.

The Opportunity Zone program provides a tremendous opportunity to help under-served communities and offers a path for taxable investors to capture tax-advantaged returns.

Our goal is to inform economic development professionals about best practices and resources for preparing and presenting priority projects in Opportunity Zone to potential investors / developers.

Learn about:
- The Opportunity Zone Program in Connecticut
- Specific tools that local EDAs use to attract capital into community priority projects (especially at the pre-development stage).
- What investors and lenders look for when they consider projects, and how communities can reduce risk.

Who should attend:
• Economic Development Professionals
• Policymakers & Community Leaders

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