Letter from the President

Happy New Year!

It’s been quite a year for us all. As we begin 2021, we can celebrate some much needed good news - the rollout of a new federal stimulus package, the State getting cash in hand to struggling small business through grant programs, and Connecticut’s high ranking for percentage of COVID-19 vaccines distributed - the sense of hope and optimism is increasing. I’d like to thank the membership for your immense dedication to economic development and tireless efforts in your communities and across the state over the last year. It’s your continued hard work that will support our state’s path to recovery and highlight the importance of our profession.

It’s truly an honor to be leading this organization. Six years ago when I moved to Connecticut from Boston, I could never have imagined the good fortune I would experience by getting involved in CEDAS. This organization has provided me the opportunity to build relationships, grow my network, increase access to professional development, and supplied a platform to learn about the creative, innovative and forward-thinking work of my colleagues throughout the state.

I would like to personally thank former president Garrett Sheehan for his leadership and dedication to the CEDAS organization over the last several years. Under your leadership and skill of your board, the organization has been successful with increasing awareness of the economic development profession, making our voice heard at the Legislature, and encouraging the continuous improvement of municipalities through our Best Practice program, which will launch for new applications later this year!

We are fortunate to be joined by a talented Board of Directors: municipal, regional and state representatives; public, private and not-for-profit sectors; veteran and new board members- a strong representation of the diversity of our organization. We are excited to provide ongoing benefit with your membership and encourage you to get involved!

Best Regards,

Kristen Gorski, 2021 CEDAS President
Economic Development Coordinator
Town of West Hartford

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