2016 Policy Agenda

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Proposed 2016 CEDAS Policy Agenda

CEDAS, the Connecticut Economic Development Association, is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the practice of economic development within the state of Connecticut. The Association encourages communication among its members by providing a forum for discussion and information exchange.


Send a Positive Message Regarding State’s Business Climate

Connecticut needs to do something to renew confidence in the business community. The legislature should take action to communicate to the business community that it is committed to improving the business climate in the state. 

Get rid of the business entity tax (generates $40 - $44 million annual). This bi-annual $250 tax is considered a nuisance tax. Given that over 80% of all new jobs, and 90% of all new capital investments come from existing business the positive message this move would reflect very well on Connecticut. To mitigate the financial impact to the state’s budget a portion of this revenue could be added to the annual fees collected by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Improve the Climate for Redevelopment
Connecticut should improve its legislation enabling Land Banks and redevelopment organizations to assemble brownfields and other properties that are critical to redevelopment in Connecticut communities.

Welcome Immigrants
Connecticut should position itself as a destination for the best and brightest to relocate to.

Commitment to Training
Connecticut should maintain funding to technical high schools and incumbent worker training programs.

Eliminate unnecessary regulatory requirements at the state and local level

  • State – should continue to explore lean opportunities in all state agencies and simplify its regulations. Ensure that regulations are reviewed every five years.
  • Local – CEDAS will promote reducing local regulations and streamline review processes to improve Connecticut’s business climate by employing best practices in land use. The focus will be on better defining what decisions need administrative versus land use board, water and sewer commission reviews.

Legal Notices
Connecticut should recognize that residents receive news through evolving media. In light of that CEDAS is supportive of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities recommendations for legal notices.

Please direct any questions, feedback or comments to Policy Co-Chairmans John A. O’Toole at john.otoole@eversource.com or Garrett Sheehan at GarrettSheehan@hotmail.com.



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