2014 End of session policy recommendations

End of session policy recommendations: The Connecticut Economic Development Association has reviewed the list of bills still being considered by the legislature.  We would ask that you support the following bills for the betterment of the communities you serve and for the continued improvement of our state’s economy.

SB 1 Extends flexibility of DECD to direct funding under the state's Urban Sites Remediation program to projects it determines will provide a significant economic benefit to the region, even if not located in a distressed municipality. No Action. Bill died on the calendar.  

SB 370 Expands tax credits for apprenticeship programs. No Action. Bill died on the calendar.

SB 338 Conducts a study of transportation related projects in other Northeast states to determine the feasibility of undertaking similar projects in Connecticut. No Action. Bill died on the calendar.

SB 484 The bill expands an option for municipalities to fix property tax assessments on certain retail projects. This precludes any grand list growth resulting from any increase in the market value of these projects, which results in a loss of tax levy, given a constant mill rate. No Action. Bill died on the calendar.

SB 483 This bill provides additional funds in FY 15 for the Department of Labor's (DOL) Incumbent Worker Training Program, which provides grants to businesses for training their current workers based on businesses' needs.  No Action.  Bill died on the calendar.

SB 485 Extends the opportunity for expedited permit review to the municipal level for certain parcels zoned for commercial or industrial use. Projects proposed for such review would have to be approved by DECD which would consider environmental pollution at the site as a qualifying factor.  No Action.  Bill died on the calendar.

HB 5573 Provides flexibility for the cleanup of large sites which can be divided into separate parcels. It also establishes a reasonable time frame for DEEP to audit certain verifications made by Licensed Environmental Professionals. Bill was signed by Governor, 6/13/14.

HB 5574 An act implementing the recommendations of the southeastern Connecticut Bioscience capabilities assessment report. No Action.  Bill died on the calendar.

HB 5575 An act concerning the promotion of commercial use of Connecticut’s deep water ports. No Action.  Bill died on the calendar. 

If you have any questions please contact me or your local economic development professional.

Thank you, Elizabeth Stocker, President

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