For those who have an interest in getting more involved in CEDAS, but not as a member of the Board of Directors, we welcome member participation on the various committees (see descriptions below).  Please use our Contact page if you have questions or interest in joining.

Policy Development Committee

The CEDAS Policy Development Committee meets throughout the year to craft and advance a legislative agenda within the General Assembly. During the legislative session, the committee typically presents the agenda to the Commerce Committee, monitors the progress of bills, and offers oral and written testimony to various committees as needed and communicates progress and outcomes to the membership on a regular basis.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee meets on an as needed basis to review communication initiatives and to assure that CEDAS is providing valuable information to our membership in a timely manner. As a matter of practice, the committee chair solicits and edits content for our periodic newsletter and for news flashes. When necessary, the chair convenes the committee (often electronically) to review content and/or the form of our communication efforts.

Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to provide training and event planning for the CEDAS Membership. Training sessions are chosen based on relevant and timely topics that provide information and educational opportunities to CEDAS members. Events are held throughout the state at venues that highlight growing segments and/or businesses within Connecticut's economy. Topics for training sessions and venues for events are designed based on input from the membership. The Program Committee is made up of board members and other volunteers.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee coordinates outreach efforts including introducing potential members to the benefits of joining CEDAS and periodically providing membership surveys to solicit input on membership services.

Scholarship Committee

The CEDAS Lisa M. Kolodziej Scholarship Committee meets as needed, usually by email or phone, to evaluate applications by CEDAS members for financial assistance to attend economic development educational courses, and to recommend appropriate action by the CEDAS Board.

Nominating Committee

The CEDAS Nominating Committee has been traditionally led by the immediate Past President of CEDAS. Input from the CEDAS Executive Committee and Board of Directors is received during the year regarding potential vacancies and members interested in serving on the Board. The Board of Directors consists of a President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and the Immediate Past President, and additional directors up to a total not to exceed 21 members. While officers and directors are appointed each year at the Annual Meeting, the terms for elected officers has traditionally been two years. The function of the Committee between election years is to identify candidates for any unexpected Board vacancies. During election years, the Committee works with the current officers and Board members to identify a slate of officers for election. The Committee and Board of Directors would like to encourage members who are not currently serving on the board to become involved as members of the various committees.

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